Tackle a REAL Design Challenge While Deepening Your Urban Permaculture Skills Through Small Group Mentorship And Immersive Hands-On Learning

The Permaculture Designers Advanced Training

There Is No Shortage Of Problems Or Great Ideas. 
There Is A Lack Of Action And Know How.

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You made the commitment...  

And spent 6 months exploring and learning with a community of like minded sustainability enthusiasts and change makers.  

You had your mind blown and felt hope, ignited for the first time in years at all the possibilities.  

Where do you start? How to pick a project? What about funding? Or building a team? Or even navigating city governments and organizational bureaucracy?  

So many questions with no clear answers.  



Larry Santoyo has spent over 30 years leading design projects all over the world, with national, state and world governments, NGOs, aid organizations, in addition to copious corporate and private clients.  

You, alone, could go at it, hitting numerous roadblocks and learning the hardest way possible.

But why reinvent the wheel?  

This immersive training will focuses on Applied Permaculture Design and gaining the tools you need to thoughtfully and successfully tackle your own projects.  

This your opportunity to confront a real urban design challenge and work with a small select team to find a solution while being guided every step of the way by Larry and Elijah Santoyo and other Academy Faculty.  



And Receive this $1348 value for only $999! 


Who Should Take The Advanced Training? 

Have you ever wanted to...

  • Immerse yourself in a "think tank” style learning environment where you work and learn collaboratively gaining hands-on experience on a local urban project that has already been vetted and cleared by head designers and local experts?  
  • Receive guided and 1:1 mentorship and have an master designer answer all your questions?
  • Work with a small dedicated team to deepen your design skills, increase your knowledge, and apply everything you have learned in real world situations?  
  • Pursue an alternative educational path that integrates the Permaculture principles and continues to build off everything your learned in the Design Course? 
  • Take the guesswork out of choosing a project and just "plug in" so you can learn the ropes without taking on the whole thing yourself?  

What You Will Learn ...

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Over 60+ hours of Learning Through ... 

  •  Interactive Lectures
  • Group Discussion
  •  Critical Research And Analysis
  •  Hands On Implementation
  • Assigned Reading And Discussion
  • Written Assignments
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5 Months Of Rigerous Training

Focused on strengthening your problem solving skills and "on the ground" design skills.  

Meet one weekend every month for one day of lecture, then the next day dive in and work collaboratively with your team to apply everything in real time to integrate your new knowledge.

Hone your ability to...

  • Discover What A Community Needs Most
  • Reconize Ecological Patterns & Apply Them
  • Build Teams and Negotiate Needs
  • Be A Service Based Leader
  • Research And Gather Data
  • Use Design Tools And Best Practices 

Collaborate and Learn

You will focus on learning and creating with a pre-approved project selected and vetted by our expert staff.  

Plus... join a passionate team of change makers and never feel like you are the only one who cares again.

Receive A Special One Time Graduate Bonus!


The Intro To Permaculture Online

Our mission at The Permaculture Academy has always been to train the next generation of earth stewards and thought leaders. We created our Permaculture Online Course so that anybody, no matter economic standing or geographic location, could get their hands on these much needed life changing philosophies and tools.  

The Advanced Training coupled with our new Online Course creates a holistic and fully integrated approach to deepening your design skills and mastering the mindset and tools of a true Permaculture Designer. As a graduate you will have lifetime access and be able to use this course as a virtual "design manual.”  

It's like having forever access to Larry and the Permaculture Academy faculty.

Pretty cool huh? 

This Course Includes

online course- video .png

8 weeks and over 20+ hours of video lessons and 8 in-depth modules filled with quizzes, study guides, recommended reading and so much more!

_This course includes_ Q&A calls .png

Live Q&A calls with Larry Santoyo and other Acadmey Faculty.  

(Get more time with the big man himself to answer any and all questions ) 

online Course- expertlead interviews.png

Expert lead interviews that expand and explain the more difficult concepts and philosophies of Permaculture.

_This course includes_ Online classroom icon .png

Fun easy to use immersive online classroom where you can interact, meet new comrades, and get connected to a like minded community.

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And Receive Life Time Access To The Online Course!

We designed this course to be a lifelong Permaculture manual you can come back to over and over again. Not a one time quick fix you will never use again. We want to "stack functions" and for you to get the most out of your education.  

We will continually add more content and updates to this course and you will receive all of this free of charge, forever.  

Plus... you will be part of a select group of individuals who will help us shape the future of Permaculture online education for years to come.  

And you will receive special graduate only...  

  • Mini Trainings
  • Discounts and Sales
  • Educational Resources
  • Content and learning resources

Sign Up Now And Receive This All For Only $999!  


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we won't be offering this bundle again!

Take the Permaculture Designers Advanced Training  

PLUS the Intro To Permaculture Online Course  

(This includes lifetime access to the Online Course!)  

All this with the Permaculture Academy's 100% Money Back Guarantee.  


There Was Never A Better Time To Jump In And Take The Next Steps In Your Permaculture Education!

Important Dates and Information

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  • Sept. 8th & 9th, 2018  
  • Oct. 13th & 14th, 2018  
  • Nov. 10th & 11th, 2018  
  • Dec. 8th & 9th, 2018  
  • Jan. 12th & 13th, 2019
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Hollywood, CA

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Saturday sessions are 9 AM - 5 PM

Sunday sessions are 9 AM - 12 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What will I really learn in this course and how is different than the Permaculture Design Course I have already taken? 

The Permaculture Designers Advanced training focuses on applied permaculture. Where the PDC contained a lot of lecture time and basic introductions to ecology, systems science, sustainable tools and technologies etc the Advanced course teaches you how to apply those to a project and urban setting as well as goes into more detail and depth on every subject you learned in the PDC fro pattern literacy, to design principles, to how and when to use the different sustainability tools

2. Will I gain leadership skills?

Yes this course is designed to give participants the skills the need to begin to lead teams and organize successful projects. 

3. Do I get to pick my own project?

No, there is a project that has already been chosen and vetted by the permaculture academy faculty. The project is chosen depending on current need of the urban environment, season, class size, and a host of other things. We aim to guide you through your first project creation so that you can learn the template in a digestible and easy to remember way so you can take it to any project you do in the future.  

4. How many hours each week will I have to dedicate to the online course and will I be certified at the end? 

There will be roughly 2-3 hours of coursework plus a live Q&A call and the course does not offer another Permaculture Design Certification. But all the hours from the Advanced Training can be applied to your Permaculture Diploma

5. Why do I need the online course if I have already taken the PDC? 

The Online course for all graduates of the PDC will be an amazing design manual. There is so much to learn in regards to permaculture design. The online course gives you another level of learning and integration and can also be used as a “manuel” upon graduation whenever you are unsure what to do next or need a refresher on any concept or idea. 

6. If I have not taken the Permaculture Design Course can I take The Advanced Training? 

Unfortunately this course is only open to PDC graduates. It is also located in Southern California at the time and is open to anyone in the Northern California, Southern California, and Nevada areas. It is open to ANYONE who has ever taken a certified PDC training program. If you would like more information on upcoming Permaculture Design Training or enrolling in the online course click here