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Ready To Skip The Revolution And Create The Renaissance? 

There are a lot of immense, scary, seemingly unfixable issues in the world right now.

  • Environmental Degradation

  • Water Shortages

  • Economic Disparity

  • Political Corruption

And you probably care about some of them (even if you're trying not to) or you wouldn’t have found this page.

We do too.

... And we did something about it.

Our founders are some of the original cultural renegades and thought-leaders who have been making things happen for over 30 years. They’ve been key players in a quiet systems revolution that began in the 70’s and 80’s – and they’ve been part of movement ever since.

Back then, they wanted more than doomsday prepping and angry activism. They joined with others who saw the world the same way they did, and developed ways to build a resilient future – a future full of strong communities taking powerful action. Communities using a new generation of design thinking to create flourishing, sustainable systems.

We are about taking action, building strong resilient communities, and doing something now.

Not tomorrow.

Not when “technology catches up”.



It's why we started the Academy over 20 years ago - to create a space where people could learn tangible, actionable skills and tools to create a more sustainable, equitable future. 


A Systems Revolution Disguised As Gardening

The term “Permaculture,” coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, is a combination of the words “Permanent” and “Culture.” The vision of Permaculture is a human culture that dynamically sustains a permanently abundant global landscape. 

Rather than doing less harm, permaculture actively seeks to design systems that do more good, making the most of every element of natural systems to create solutions that meet local needs using what’s locally available. 


We study ecosystems to discover how to work WITH them rather than in spite of them.

Our approach is based on the ethics of sustainability:

Caring for the Earth

Guarding human rights

And Investing In Renewing The Ecosystems

By observing every element and its function in a natural system, Permaculture enables powerful, sustainable new solutions for living with and within a renewed landscape. The fundamental approach of systems-level observation, analysis, and participation creates smarter, more sustainable ways of working with natural systems to renew landscapes and the communities they support.


The Academy Difference:

When you learn from The Academy you will have an immersive, hands-on, life-changing experience. We don't just teach you how to garden better or harvest water (though you will learn that). 

We teach you new, powerful ways to:

… identify and approach complex problems.

… design collaborative solutions.

… implement these powerful solutions in your community.


The design principles and implementation skills we teach will aid you in making everything work better – from your backyard gardening to nonprofit management, from scientific research to personal relationships. Permaculture is a design methodology that teaches you how to arrive at the most ethical and systemically sound solution for any environment or project.

The core of what we do is simple: we train your mind to see the world as an interconnected set of dynamic patterns and systems.

As Masanobu Fukuoka said, “Observe nature thoroughly rather than labor thoughtlessly.”


The world is not static, the way you solve problems shouldn’t be either.


Our successful graduates include: nonprofit owners, entrepreneurs, architects and engineers, politicians, tradespeople, farmers, scientists, home gardeners, college educators and more. It’s for anyone who is ready to make a difference. Whatever the size of the impact you want to have, it will help you make it more profoundly and permanently.

If that wasn't enough...
The Academy faculty is made up of some of the leading experts in biology, design, horticulture, and sustainability and with our 1:1 mentorship style learning plus hands-on project guidance you get a direct download of decades of experience from the best of the best.  

(To learn more about our award winning faculty click here) 

Here are just a few of many benefits you get when you learn with the Permaculture Academy: 

Skip years of frustration and burnout by learning the principles to constructing sustainable homes, business, and lifestyles... (plus we will be giving you the insider secrets to building resilient communities that we have used ALL OVER the world).

Discover how obvious the answers are to our most pressing problems when you have the tools to think differently... Uncover answers to the problems people stuck in old thinking have spent decades and billions of dollars trying to fix.

Never be alone again, finally be part of a community of like-minded enthusiasts, rebels, and revolutionaries... Forge the connections and collaborations you need to take your project and your dreams to the next level.

Master the skill sets of a “quiet revolutionary”… Learn how to create real, grassroots change (without falling into the traps of modern leadership and hierarchy failures that plague so many communities and organizations).

Stop waiting in ever-growing frustration and despair for government bureaucracies and overstretched nonprofits to create change.

Whether you want to homestead, start a business or change a supply chain, you’ll learn how to strategically plan from idea to inception.

Learn to lead and when to follow constructively... From day one you gain team building and leadership skills that can be implemented instantaneously so you can begin to actually do something.

Let go of apathy and hopelessness... Get the tools to be a next level change maker.

Gain insider’s access to projects and industry innovators through our global network... Find the perfect collaborator or investor for your next ground-breaking project.

Are you ready for game-changing skills and tools?  Tools that are “ready to use” the moment you learn them?  You do not have to wait years, months, or even days to create a positive, lasting impact!

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.39.50 PM.jpeg

Our students’ success is a testimony to how valuable and life-changing A Permaculture based education can be. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.39.50 PM.jpeg

Your life (and the planet’s) won’t get any better until you get honest with yourself and take action. 

The right Permaculture education provides you with so much more than just gardening tools and sustainability tricks. It gives you everything you need to be an agent of change in your community and life.

Ready to take action and learn more?