The Monteverde cloud forest of Costa Rica


Spring 2019 TBA

Learn Permaculture Design in the world-renowned cloud forest of Costa Rica. 

The Monteverde cloud forest is a unique ecological treasure and we are excited to offer you a chance to study at Valle Escondido Preserve and Permaculture Farm. 

Participants will stay on site at the preserve which provides a hands-on, immersive way to learn and fully integrate the permaculture design principles. Tangible, actionable, in-person design training like no other in the world.

This will not be just another lecture and small backyard garden class. You will fully experience what it means to learn from the patterns of nature, in nature with the guidance of world renowned and expert teacher Larry Santoyo. 

The course material is universal to every ecosystem, and the knowledge acquired in this class can be applied in any other location or industry.

Permaculture demonstrations will range from from aquaculture to tropical agroforestry and everything in between. There will be no shortage spontaneous teaching moments, 

Worldwide participants of a wide range of ages, abilities and backgrounds are attracted to this class and you do not need to have taken a course before to attend. Anyone is welcome! 

What you will be getting besides a life changing experience…

  • 6 hours of daily hands on teaching
  • Hands on Village improvement projects and immersive training. 
  • Experiential Tours of waterfalls and the cloud forest.
  • Community building and networking… The best learning happens outside of the classroom spend time with other go getters and change makers. 
  • Healthy, local meals prepared with fresh produce and tropical fruit from the preserve.
  • Full cultural immersion and time to explore the beautiful and diverse country of Costa Rica.
  • Two weeks of focused training with Larry Santoyo and a slew of other amazing international and local guest teachers. 
  • Receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate from Permaculture Institute.