Permaculture is : Design protocols for critical thinking, decision making and problem solving- all based on the patterns of nature

— Larry Santoyo, Lead Instructor

Welcome To The Permaculture Academy

Permaculture’s design principles offer a unique approach that combines the analysis of biological phenomena with cultural relevance making Permaculture a truly holistic design system.

The Permaculture Design Course has truly transformed the lives and enhanced the careers of thousands of people around the world. Learn how to design the world you want to see.

The Permaculture Academy is a growing network of professionals in a range of fields. Our community offers forums, podcasts, workshops, and inspiration. Welcome to the Permaculture family.

The Permaculture Design Course

The Permaculture Academy, in cooperation with The Permaculture Institute and EarthFlow Design Works, offers a world-renowned Permaculture Design Course in Los Angeles, CA.


The Los Angeles Permaculture Design Course: A Certification Course for Design Professionals, Land Managers & Homeowners

• Elegant & Ecological Home & Garden Design
• Modern Homesteading with Style
• Healthy Building & Natural Property Development
• Celebrating Community • Green Business Models of Success
• The Economics of a Sustainable Society


Larry Santoyo

Lead Instructor

Toby Hemenway

Lead Instructor

Scott Pittman

Lead Instructor

John Valenzuela

Lead Instructor

Plus several guest speakers and some of Los Angeles’ favorite sustainability icons will join in to educate and entertain!