Permaculture is : Design protocols for critical thinking, decision making and problem solving- all based on the patterns of nature

— Larry Santoyo, Lead Instructor

Welcome To The Permaculture Academy

Permaculture’s design principles offer a unique approach that combines the analysis of biological phenomena with cultural relevance making Permaculture a truly holistic design system.

The Permaculture Design Course has truly transformed the lives and enhanced the careers of thousands of people around the world. Learn how to design the world you want to see.

The Permaculture Academy is a growing network of professionals in a range of fields. Our community offers forums, podcasts, workshops, and inspiration. Welcome to the Permaculture family.

The Permaculture Design Course

The Permaculture Academy, in cooperation with The Permaculture Institute and EarthFlow Design Works, offers a world-renowned Permaculture Design Course in Los Angeles, CA.


The Los Angeles Permaculture Design Course: A Certification Course for Design Professionals, Land Managers & Homeowners

• Elegant & Ecological Home & Garden Design
• Modern Homesteading with Style
• Healthy Building & Natural Property Development
• Celebrating Community • Green Business Models of Success
• The Economics of a Sustainable Society


Larry Santoyo

Lead Instructor

Toby Hemenway


Scott Pittman


John Valenzuela


Plus several guest speakers and some of Los Angeles’ favorite sustainability icons will join in to educate and entertain!

The Permaculture Academy Blog

November 1st & 2nd 2014 – Toby Hemenway Two Day Workshop on Water, Soil, Energy, and Sustainability

On November 1st and 2nd, the Permaculture Academy with Larry Santoyo will be pleased to host a weekend workshop with author and educator Toby Hemenway in Los Angeles, CA.  Toby will be presenting on topics including:


Applying Permaculture in High Schools, Pattern Literacy, and Parenting – An Interview with former PDC student Joan Stevens


Larry Santoyo interviews former student, permaculture teacher, college professor, and ethnobotonist Joan Stevens. They discuss applying Permaculture in high school education, pattern literacy, and even parenting.

The Microbiome and the Role of Organic Food


For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, a microbiome is “the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic microorganisms that literally share our body space” according to the definition put forth by Joshua Lederberg.  More and more the microbiome is becoming commonplace in discussions around the food we put in our bodies, but even with all the information, do any of us really understand how to promote healthy gut bacteria? Beyond yogurt, kombucha, and other fermented products like kimchi, what else is there?  And more importantly what bacteria do these foods support?  Is there a listing out there like a vitamin chart that can help us all identify and seek out certain bacteria that will mitigate allergenic responses to certain foods?  This might be a great topic for the graduates of the Permaculture Academy to start thinking about.  How are we going to design systems that feed and promote the beneficial bacteria in our bodies, our food, and the soil.   more

Paul Stamets Interview: Biodiversity is Biosecurity



Paul Stamets on Great Minds

Paul’s knowledge of mycelium is staggering and terrifying, but even he says there is much more to know about the soil.

Watch and listen about how it’s not that everything you know is wrong, it’s just that everything you know has been controlled and directed by mushrooms. more

Payment Plan for PDC Course


The first weekend of our Permaculture Design Certificate course is coming up soon.  We are offering a convenient payment plan available for the Permaculture Design Course.  Our most important principle is education and it is our pleasure to offer this option that has been used by many of our past students at the Academy.  When you register for the class on our website there is an option of a payment of $450.00 every two months (60 Days).  The first payment is due at your time of registration.

Space is limited!

The Need To Grow




One of the truly amazing perks about the working with the Permaculture Academy is the opportunity to connect with amazing storytellers who’s vision of a truly sustainable world is brought out through documentary video. Check out The Need To Grow trailer by our friend Ryan Wirick and the talented folks at Earth Conscious Films and hear from some of the folks out there trying to innovate and utilize methodologies like Permaculture to create a more sustainable and regenerative food system, many in urban settings.  As Larry says “Let’s embrace sustainability, not because we fear the future, let’s embrace sustainability because we love the things we love about right now.”

Functional Relationships by Larry Santoyo


This excerpt of a talk Larry gave at Permaculture Voices 1 in March of 2014 explains functional relationships in ecological systems.  What’s your thistle? more

What’s a Permaculture Design Course?


Larry Santoyo and Toby Hemenway, two instructors with The Permaculture Academy, are featured today in an episode of Permaculture Voices and shed some light on “What is a P.D.C.?” more

Lawns To Gardens: A Swansong


Lawns cover more than 50,000 square miles of American soil and consume more fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide than all chemicals used in our food related agriculture combined (lawns only make good eating if you are a grazing animal).

Lawns contribute to the pollution of our watersheds, demand mowing, watering and other time- and energy-intensive maintenance tasks.

From a Permaculture Design perspective, when we identify their high-energy trails and resource use, we see that lawns, for all their inputs, have little beneficial outputs.

Larry Santoyo Interview: Permaculture For Humanity


This interview with Larry has some great takeaways about positive thinking and classic reframing techniques that we can all use to approach problem solving.  In it, he discusses how humanity has a strong need to participate on a dynamic landscape and that static behaviors imposed on dynamic landscapes cultivate energy, water, pollution, and justice issues. more

Larry Santoyo Interview: Stop Judging, Start Building


Dan Gainsford shared these outtakes of his interview of Larry Santoyo from Searching for Dragons. He calls us out on being holier than thou, and offers up a way forward through design. As always, Larry is entertaining, challenging, and inspiringmore

Permaculture Salon at Earthflow Design Works


A “salon” at the Permaculture Academy studio was last Tuesday night. We host these informal parties every two weeks with people dropping in for drinks, conversation and food.  more

What Permaculture Isn’t—and Is


This post by Toby Hemenway establishes some borders around the design science of Permaculture. more

The Future Is Abundant: Larry Santoyo on Sustainable World Radio


Permaculture and Ecological Designer Larry Santoyo talks with Jill Cloutier about why he feels the future is abundant, why everyone is needed, Permaculture crimes, how security is between your ears and why we should seek to be valuable, not rich. more

Homescale Permaculture: How to Create a Backyard Ecosystem with Toby Hemenway


Toby Hemenway, author of the best selling book Gaia’s Garden, tells us how to create beautiful and functional ecosystems in our own backyards.  more

Scott Pittman: Teaching Permaculture as if it Mattered


This post by Scott Pittman gives an inspiring insight into why we teach and learn permaculture. more